Tuesday, March 18, 2014
1:00 - 4:30 PM

This program awards medical professionals with a BSE Trainer Certification. Certified BSE Trainers are medical professionals who have tested and shown they possess the knowledge and skills to provide BSE instruction. This certification allows the Certified BSE Trainer to teach and certify educator leaders who will teach patients how to perform a BSE. Plus, the Certified BSE Trainer may directly teach patients. Certified individuals will have attained an 80% on the examinations which include didactic, tactile, and verbal skills.

This program will include comprehensive didactic sessions for Core Breast Knowledge and BSE Skills followed by a workshop session for tactile BSE skills and verbal BSE presentations. It will also identify the next steps for securing the training and skills necessary toobtain NCBC CBE Certification. Upon successful completion of this program certified medical professionals will receive a NCBC BSE Instructor's Certificate. Manuals to assistin training educator leaders and patients are available to those who successfully complete the program and attain certification. Re-certification is attained annually through submission of training data.


Breast Self-Examination Trainer Certification BSE
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