Membership Applications

There are 2 main types of NCBC memberships. Providers of Direct Patient Care or Breast Health Service Providers. You may join online with a credit card or print out an application and mail with a check to the address on the application.

Providers of  Direct Patient Care

There are two types of Direct Patient Care Membership - Medical Facility or Individual.

Medical Facility

This category is for the medical facility.  Types of organizational members include, but are not limited to, imaging centers, breast centers, OB/GYN offices, hospitals with breast services, a group of breast surgeons, wellness or women’s centers, etc.   One individual is designated as the primary member.  If the individual changes employment or the facility needs to change the primary member, the membership remains with the facility.  The facility has its patient services posted in our breast center directory online as well as the primary member listed as the contact person. Annual membership for is $600.

Join Online Here (credit card payment)            Print Medical Facility Application (check only)


Individual Physician

This membership resides with the individual physician.  This membership includes the online Wiley Breast Journal.  Annual membership is $275.

Join Online Here (credit card payment)              Print Individual Physician Application (check only)


Individual Non-Physician

Independent Breast Health Medical Professional membership resides with the individual professional. Membership materials, which include membership lists and Internet listings, will contain only the name of the individual, facility name will be included but no services listed.  The list of breast professionals will include the names of independent members.  Annual membership is $150.

Join Online Here (credit card payment)               Print Individual Non-Physician Application (check only)


Breast Health Service Providers

Independent Businesses

This membership category is for independent businesses, with fewer than 5 employees, that provide a product or service to breast health professionals or the breast facility. Consultants, independent marketing businesses, authors, and writing services would be included in this category. Annual membership is $250.


Join Online Here (credit card payment)                 Print Independent Consultant and Business Professional Application (check only)




Membership is with the corporation.  One individual is designated as the primary contact.  If the individual representing the organization changes employment or needs to be changed, the membership remains with the corporation.  Types of members include software companies, research companies, makers of mammography equipment, technology companies, etc. Annual membership is $600.

This type of membership was created to inform NCBC members of the various private sector products and services available to them to improve patient care.  The membership benefits were designed to provide a marketing mechanism for private sector business members to inform breast center members around the country about products and services.  We trust that making information about products and services available to the membership will increase the opportunities to improve the care provided patients and will enhance the medical and administrative environment under which patient care is provided.

Join Online Here (credit card payment)               Print Corporation Application (check only)