Vendors/Suppliers Directory


Business Name: Becky Baker Foundation
POB 62130
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Contact Name: Rick Baker
Phone: 719-822-2328
We provide free mammograms to women who cannot afford the screening. Over 3,000 in three years.
Business Name: Breast Center Consultations, LLC
407 E. 4th Street
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Contact Name: Jane Berz
Credentials: MSN, RN, FNCBC
Phone: 423-756-0782
Fax: 423-267-3723
Business Name: Volpara Health
19000 W 33rd Ave W, Suite 130
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Contact Name: Erica Carnevale
Phone: 18003053865

Business Name: EduCare Inc.
8420 Dorchester Road, Suite 203
North Charleston, SC 29420
Contact Name: Judy Kneece
Credentials: RN, OCN
Phone: 800-849-9271
Fax: 843-760-6988
Business Name: Lange Productions, Inc.
11331 Skyline Drive
Tustin, CA 92705
Contact Name: Vladimir Lange
Credentials: MD
Phone: 323-874-4730
Fax: 323-874-3318
Business Name: Barco
3059 Premier Parkway, Suite 400
Duluth, GA 30097
Contact Name: Sheila Ortiz
Phone: 470-622-1710
Business Name: Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.
320 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Contact Name: Spring Taylor
Phone: 801-584-3600
Business Name: Amoena USA Corp
1701 Barrett Lakes Blvd, Ste 410
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Contact Name: Shan Willoughby
Phone: 770-281-8300