Why Membership?

The question to ask is WHY NOT membership!

With an NCBC membership you not only receive benefits specific to breast health professionals, you also have an opportunity to apply your experience to the everyday challenging life of a breast health patient. NCBC recognizes that our goal of improving breast care for all members is through evidence-based education, advocacy, certification and quality validation programs.

We accomplish this goal through our annual conference, email question program, Navigator certification, Certified Breast Examiner Certification, our NQMBC™ Program and many networking opportunities. If that is not enough, NCBC also partners with the most advanced breast health suppliers to give you the most up to date information.

NCBC’s members are the instrumental component of our organization, come and join us!

NCBC Membership Benefits... More Value Than Ever Before!

NCBC Membership information for Providers of Direct Patient Care

Note: International discounts for Direct Provider memberships  ( Individual Non -Physician, Individual Physician and Facility) are available to middle and low-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

  • Citizens of middle-income countries – 50% discount
  • Citizens of low-income countries – 75% discount

To determine if you qualify for financial assistance, please check the World Bank's country classification list. Applicants qualifying for the discount should email wendy@breastcare.org to get discount code.

Individual Non-Physician Member $150 Annually

Receive the NCBC newsletter, The Breast Center Bulletin. The industry leading newsletter sent out bi-monthly available only to NCBC members.

Take advantage of publication opportunities to be published in The Breast Center Bulletin and read by over 2,000 Breast Care Professionals.

Attend the NCoBC Annual Breast Center Conference at Member rate -  Be captivated by 80 world renowned speakers and visit nearly 100 breast industry exhibitors with the most advanced technology and software to date. All while earning from 18 - 25 CME’s, which is one of the best valued educational opportunities available.


Member only access to Job Postings and Descriptions - With NCBC membership you can access and view the job board and available positions section of the NCBC breastcare.org site.

Next level Certifications for Navigator and CBE - Most comprehensive program in the industry in regards to multidisciplinary care.

Receive a Certificate of Membership - Proudly display your certificate of membership and let your co-workers, community and patients know you are dedicated to excellence in breast health care.

Ask the Experts - NCBC gives you access to nationally known breast health professionals, experts in their respective breast care fields.  This valuable service is available only to NCBC members.

Individual Physician Member $275 Annually

Same benefits as above

Facility Member $600 Annually

Access to the NQMBC program - A quality initiative of the National Consortium of Breast Centers.
• The Breast Center of Excellence (TM) Certification through NQMBC
• National Quality Data Collection for participating facility member

Appear in the NCBC National Directory of Breast Centers - found in the breastcare.org site. Listing includes facility name and address, primary contact person, facility description, photo and patient services.

Free Job Postings ($400 value) - Post your available positions on the NCBC Breastcare.org website.
Viewed by more than 2,000 breast health care professionals

NCBC Facility Member 10% Discount off Registration to the 3 day NCoBC Annual Breast Center Conference - for up to 5 staff members. A Savings of up to 385.00!

Receive a Certificate of Membership - Proudly display your certificate of membership and let your community and patients know you are dedicated to excellence in breast health care

Membership benefits for one person (Individual Non- Physician) 

Breast Health Service Providers

Independent Businesses Member $250 Annually

This membership category is for independent businesses with fewer than 5 employees, that provide a product or service to breast health professionals or the breast facility.  Consultants, independent marketing businesses, authors and writing services would be indluded in this category.

Corporation Member $600 Annually

Types of members include software companies, research companies, makers of mammography equipment, technology companies.

Service Provider Benefits

NCBC Information Exchange - This invaluable, one of a kind resource allows you to log into the member area of the breastcare.org site and post your breast center specific questions. In a short period of time other members, professional speakers, board members, and medical professionals around the world will reply with expert information and feedback on your post.

Receive the NCBC Newsletter - The Breast Center Bulletin. The industry leading newsletter sent out bi-monthly available only to NCBC members.  Take advantage of publication opotunites to be published in the Breast Center Bulletin and ready by over 2,000 Breast Care Professionals

Assistance with Marketing- to member breast health professionals.

Opportunity to Advertise - through the NCBC website, Email Exchange or Newsletter at a 50% discount

Free Listing - on NCBC internet page describing products and/or services

Free Job Postings - (a $400 value) Post your available postions on the NCBC breastcare.org website, viewed by more than 2,000 breast health care professionals.

Receive a Certificate of Membership - to proudly display in your office



Rochester General Hospital Breast Center-Rochester NY
Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence®
NCBC Facility Member


Virginia Clay Dorman Breast Care Center
NCBC Facility Member