About the NCBC

National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc.

A nonprofit membership organization dedicated to excellence in breast health care for the general public.

Members include breast health professionals who provide direct patient care and corporations and businesses that provide services or products to breast health professionals and their organizations.


What started in 1985 as a small group of multidisciplinary breast health professionals has continued to grow into an ever-increasing group of medical professionals who assemble to exchange information, network and learn from each other. The focus continues to be on the development; implementation and expansion of breast center programs to allow these experts to become informed of the most up-to-date breast care techniques and options available to their patients. With the addition of private sector businesses and corporations as part of the membership, breast health professionals are also kept informed about advances in equipment, technology, drugs and services available to them to improve patient quality care. Through monthly newsletters, an annual conference and networking throughout the year, NCBC members are kept informed of the ever changing breast health care world.

Purpose and Mission

The National Consortium of Breast Centers is the premier interdisciplinary organization committed to the development, maintenance, advancement and improvement of the highest quality patient-focused Breast Centers by supporting education, certification and interdisciplinary communication among those we serve.

To positively impact quality breast care and improve the experience, satisfaction and outcomes of the breast care patient as well as the care providers while being recognized as the premier organization supporting interdisciplinary Breast Centers in the world.

Organizational Methodology:
The organization's mission is achieved through evidence-based education, advocacy, certification and quality validation programs, with the goal of improving breast care for all.
Interdisciplinary collaboration is promoted through networking opportunities among the Breast Center community.

The corporation is operated exclusively as an educational, scientific and charitable organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Membership Information