Entry DateSeptember 9, 2019
Member NameLaurie Schirling
FacilityAdventist St. Helena

We are converting to a Tomo unit. My question is after doing a Screening Mammo and discovering findings, can we just move to US or do we need to do a Diagnostic Mammo. I understand that we would do mags for calcs.
Thanks for your input.

Expert Answer

There are many factors which will determine the answer to your question. In general, lesions which are clearly identifiable on tomosynthesis, such as circumscribed masses, can go directly to ultrasound. Other lesions seen on tomosynthesis, such as ill-defined asymmetries for example, will often require additional diagnostic evaluation, which ideally should be done with tomosynthesis, and then ultrasound if indicated. However, depending on your workflow and equipment availability, it may not be possible or convenient to perform your diagnostic study with tomosynthesis.