Entry DateDecember 31, 2019
Member NameTheresa Steiner
FacilityElliot Breast Health Center

We are wondering how many centers are transporting patients with needle localization wires and how that transportation is taking place....
thank you in advance for your input on this topic

Expert Answer

I think the question author is asking how often are patients transported beyond the hospital limits.
If in the hospital, I have seen it done by wheelchair at several programs.
If beyond the hospital I have seen it done by placing a secure dressing over the wires, often looped and covered with a gauze and then tape. The patient can then travel by any type of vehicle, car, etc.
Some facilities have stated that they place wires in the night before and send patients home with the wire for early start cases, supporting that medical oversight of the patient between wire placement and surgery is not necessary. Please note they found special wires with an external anchoring system to prevent wire migration.