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Contact: Krista Nedoba
1415 West 3rd Street Tempe AZ 85281 USA Work Phone: 800-321-4254 Work Fax: 480-449-2570 Website:
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Bard Biopsy’s full line of innovative products include the EnCor Ultra™ Breast Biopsy System, the first vacuum-assisted biopsy system designed for ultrasound performance,  the EnCor Enspire® Breast Biopsy System, the first smart breast biopsy system, and our Vacora® Breast Biopsy System, a hand-held system, which like the EnCor Enspire® supports all three imaging modalities.  Along with a wide range of breast tissue marker and applicator options, and an array of breast localization wires, Bard Biopsy offers disposable and reusable core needle biopsy instruments for lung, liver, breast and prostate biopsies.  Included in our suite of products is the Gamma Finder® Cordless Probe, the only self-contained, cordless gamma ray detection device for mapping of the sentinel lymph node.
Please consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.

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