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Contact: Elizabeth Chabner Thompson
173 Summerfield St Scarsdale NY 10583 Work Phone: (914) 713-8550 Website:
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Masthead® was founded with a singular purpose: to provide comfort, support, and dignity to women undergoing treatment. After working for many years as a physician, and after undergoing surgery herself, Johns Hopkins- and Harvard-trained Radiation Oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson made a discovery: While the surgeries and treatments for cancer and other conditions had rapidly evolved and, in some cases, been revolutionized, the recovery products available to women were still stuck in the distant past. Realizing that patients who feel cared for, dignified and empowered tend to recover faster and more completely, in 2011 she decided to change the status quo and Improve the Patient Experience®. Dr. Thompson started packing “Breast Bags”—recovery kits artfully stocked with everything a woman would need for mastectomy surgery and the transition home: wound and drain care supplies; toiletries; amusements to keep her mind occupied; a comfort pillow; even a water bottle to stay hydrated. The bags were a big hit among her patients. She then set out to tackle the recovery bra that was being put on patients before they woke up after surgery. Stiff and scratchy, requiring safety pins for drain management, it failed to provide the comfort and ease-of-use necessary for optimal recovery. Her solution? A revolutionary new bra made of a soft, lightweight performance fabric that provides just enough compression and stays dry and fresh. The patent-pending garment has an ingenious drain management system with side openings, ribbons and loops. She found a factory to produce the garments, and a business was born. Today, our state-of-the-art Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® is used in hundreds of the top hospitals in the country by the finest doctors and surgical staffs. The business, originally called BFFL Co. but later changed to Masthead®, has grown from a one-woman show to a team of women working in a big, bustling office and warehouse space near New York City where we develop new products, help customers, and ship orders. Our favorite thing of all is receiving e-mails, notes and phone calls from women whose treatment journey we helped improve. Join the many health care providers supplying support, comfort and dignity to their patients with Masthead® products.

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