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Contact: Dona Michaels
2625 Weston Rd Weston FL 33331 Work Phone: 954-660-3528 Website:
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SuperSonic Imagine specializes in Breast ultrasound imaging with its flagship Aixplorer® series of products, which feature the company’s exclusive UltraFast™ technology. UltraFast™ has given rise to new imaging modes that set the standards of care for non-invasive characterization of breast diseases. The first groundbreaking UltraFast™ mode developed is ShearWave® Elastography (SWE™), which enables doctors to view and instantly analyze tissue stiffness. SWE™ is a proven complementary tool for the management of breast cancer patients.   The most recent addition to the Aixplorer range is the Aixplorer MACH 30® ultrasound platform that introduces the next generation of UltraFast™ imaging, which optimizes the system’s innovative imaging modes for Breast Ultrasound Imaging: ShearWave PLUS, Doppler UltraFast™, Angio PL.U.S, TriVu and Needle PL.U.S. To date, over 130 publications have proven the added clinical value of SWE™ PLUS and TriVu in Breast ultrasound imaging.   Find out more at

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