Program Overview

This program will include comprehensive didactic sessions for Core Breast Knowledge and BSE Skills followed by a workshop session for tactile BSE skills and verbal BSE presentations. It will also identify the next steps for securing the training and skills necessary to obtain NCBC CBE Certification.

This certification program is designed train individuals to reach their community, as well as train others to train their community in the promotion of a successful breast health care program. BSE’s Paramount Objective is the detection of any dominant breast mass, as another early detection tool to ultimately reduce breast cancer deaths.

Certified individuals will have attained an 80% on each of the three examinations: didactic, tactile silicone model skills, and verbal mini-lecture.  One examination will cover the core knowledge learned during the program presentation.  The second examination will test the capability of an individual to demonstrate a Breast Self-examination on a tactile silicone model. The third examination will test the capability of the individual to teach Breast Self-Examination.  Upon successful completion of this program certified medical professionals will receive a NCBC BSE Instructor’s Certificate. This will include a certificate, a beautiful NCBC BSE Pin to verify they have met all eligibility and testing requirements.  Manuals to assist in training educator leaders and patients are available to those who successfully complete the program and attain certification.