ZahidAfter completing his Radiation Oncology training in Canada, Dr Zahid Al-Mandari (on the right) took over the Division of Breast Radiotherapy at the Royal Hospital in Muscat. He is actively involved with initiating a major breast cancer screening program for Oman. In accepting to serve as the Omani NCBC International Delegate, Dr Al-Mandhari stated: “It would be an honor to join such a Consortium with noble aims.  I am sure it will be beneficial to both the Consortium and to breast cancer patients. It will also be an eye opener on different challenges the various countries are facing, and an opportunity to share the innovative ideas to try and tackle these challenges."

KausikDr. Kausik Chatterjee completed his residency in Nuclear Medicine at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, and then moved to Central India where he introduced Radioisotope Mammography and runs the only PET-CT unit in the entire area.  He has  been advocating usage of the gamma probe for sentinel lymph node detection in breast cancer and has applied for Government funds to buy the necessary instrument for his Oncology department. When offered to become an NCBC International Delegate he replied: "Thank you very much for offering me the complimentary membership on the National Consortium of Breast Cancer in North America, and accepting me in the advisory role. I feel deeply honoured.  I believe that the NCBC financial support would be of immense help for your overseas members who look forward to both share their experience as well as learn from the very esteemed members of your organization. I can speak of myself that I would very much appreciate an opportunity to attend the annual conference and share my experience. I look forward to gaining experience with your oncology protocols for different cancer patients, and have some hands-on training with the experts in Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT.

HannahDr. Hannah Simonds has been both a clinical and radiation oncologist at the Groote Schuur hospital, and part of the faculty of the University of Cape Town. Involved with breast cancer detection, treatment and management , she is particularly interested in providing input regarding breast care policies for South Africa. These include finding reasonable and pertinent adjuvant  breast cancer treatment  taking into consideration costs, limited resources and variable rural traditions. Hannah is now taking over a new 1-2-year breast oncology mandate in Ghana. She will provide our NCBC membership with an “in the trenches” view of African Breast Care in both countries.

ElvisDr. Elvis Ahmedi is both a member of the NCBC and the NCBC International Delegate from Kosovo. As a surgical oncologist, he has extensive interest in breast cancer management, including oncoplastic surgery. He is a founding Member of the Balkans Breast Cancer Initiative, a Coordinator of the Mammography Teaching and the Donation Project to Kosovo, Honorary Member of H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, and  a leader in initiating breast cancer screening in his country. He had been twice a participant in the International Visitor Leadership Program on the topic of “Breast Cancer Awareness”, held in Washington D.C. and other U.S. cities. He is currently the Kosovo State Coordinator on Cancer Control and Head of Kosovo National Board for Cancer Control.  Dr. Ahmedi stated: I would be honored to join your committee. Information exchange is crucial in promoting best breast care, especially in resource-limited countries, and I am very happy to hear that Dr. Bodai is involved in NCBC ILC.

DeborahDr. Deborah Pfeiffer, MD, FASBP is a breast physician, Secretary of the Australasian Society of Breast Physicians and Medical Director of the public Breast Screen Queensland Sunshine Coast Service.  This  service screens over 30,000 women a year at six permanent sites, plus one mobile van.  It performs over 2,000 diagnostic assessments per year with digital mammography, ultrasound and percutaneous biopsy within a multidisciplinary team environment comprising breast physicians, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiographers, sonographers, and nurse counsellors. Women diagnosed with breast cancer are referred externally for definitive treatment. MRI is not currently performed within the program.

HildaDr. Hilda Fernandes (Left) is Professor and Head of Pathology, and Dr. Clement R S D'Souza (right) is a Professor of Surgery at the Fr Muller Medical College in Mangalore, a major Medical School complex in India. She has a particular interest in Breast histopathology and immunohistochemistry and has extensively published on the importance of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology which she introduced into her clinical setting. Dr D'Souza is actively involved in breast cancer care for the last 20 years, including post-graduate training, particularly in oncosurgical techniques and breast cancer comprehensive management . Both are involved with setting up breast health awareness camps in rural Indian communities to promote early detection .